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25 July 2017

The Mile High Nationals (Part 2)

To continue my series on the Mile High Nationals at Bandimere Speedway... I know I mentioned yesterday that I would post pictures from the race today, emphasis on the S, but unfortunately I am just a little too crazy-busy right now to deal with multiples! If you'll notice, I'm sitting down to do Tuesday's post only a few minutes from Wednesday! With any luck I'll have more time tomorrow to work on a real blog post with more than one image (but no promises!). Until then, enjoy this photo of these two super street competitors squaring up for their big moment. The black and brown Chevy, driven by Troy Grant, was the winner.

24 July 2017

The Mile High Nationals (Part 1)

Pat and I spent yesterday at Bandimere Speedway for the Mile High Nationals, and boy was it fun! Here are some of the hot cars we saw. I'll post race pictures tomorrow.

Driver Tommy Johnson Jr., packing his own parachute.
Here's his car.

23 July 2017

Sunday Style!

Yes, I know it's nearly Monday! Just a few minutes left to sneak in a Sunday Style post! Pat and I spent all day today at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, for the finals of the Mile High Nationals funny car and drag race. It was fun. And very, very, VERY hot. Most of the attendees looked like ten miles of rough road, except for this lady who, at the end of a sweltering day, still looked cool as a cucumber. Practically every other person there was in a baggy t-shirt, scuffed athletic shoes, and elastic waist old shorts, so she was downright glamorous by comparison! (What did I wear, you ask? Cuffed jeans and sneakers like hers, and a Trixie Fink t-shirt -- gotta get your hot rod style on at a drag race!)

I'll post a few more pictures of the event in the coming days!

22 July 2017


Another photo or two from our brief drive through the deserted UCCS campus a couple of evenings ago. This large sculpture lives in front of one of the newer buildings (whose name escapes me -- Columbine Hall or some such, I think). I like it. I don't know who its creator is, but it reminds me very much of THIS piece downtown, so it must be the same artist.

On a side note, did you know that Colorado Springs Daily Photo is on Facebook? You can follow me HERE. Hope you have a fun weekend! I have a great wedding in Denver to document and lots of yard work to do. No rest for the wicked!

21 July 2017


I'm getting today's post in just under the wire! Less than an hour to go before it's officially tomorrow. Pat and I have had a busy day, and this is the first chance I've had to sit down and make a blog post for you. Here's a picture of the library at UCCS. We took a cruise through the nearly deserted campus yesterday evening. It's so nice there in summer, when no one's around. Look at all those empty parking spaces! I assure you, that never happens during the school year!

20 July 2017

An airing of grievances

I'm not getting political here on the blog, I just love a good photo op! I saw a large group of protesters in front of Senator Gardner's office on Tuesday and grabbed a picture. These folks aren't pulling any punches!

19 July 2017

Natural Order

The latest installation of Art on the Streets was revealed recently, and I've finally gotten a glimpse of some of the new pieces. This one, called Natural Order, is by artist Kamber Sokulsky and you can find it on Tejon Street just north of Platte Avenue, near the Odyssey Gastropub.