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Hi, I'm Tamera, a professional wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer in Colorado Springs. But this blog isn't about my professional work; no, it's a daily love note to my beautiful city, where I've lived for most of my life. I love it here and I hope you enjoy seeing Colorado Springs through my eyes and lens!

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21 January 2018

Sunday Style!

Meet Wailani, whom I ran into at the supermarket the other night. I loved her cool, urban look so I asked her for a picture. Unfortunately a cell phone snapshot under fluorescent lighting in the soup aisle just didn't do her justice, so she kindly agreed to pose for me again this afternoon, downtown. Since the Women's March was about to kick off, she wore a pink hat in solidarity (also: it was absolutely frigid out there). Love her coat and boots, and check out the fun bootlaces! I love people with a strong sense of personal style. She wears it well.

20 January 2018

Day trip to Salida (Part 4)

A few snaps from my afternoon wandering around Salida on Monday, while Pat skied nearby Monarch Mountain. Salida is officially my favorite little mountain town. Can you see why? I love it there.

19 January 2018

Day trip to Salida (Part 3)

A couple of snaps of skiers and snowboarders on Monarch Mountain. Pat's a good skier but it's really not my sport, so I dropped him off and headed back down to nearby Salida to kill some time by myself. I'll post pictures of my afternoon in Salida next.

18 January 2018

Day trip to Salida (Part 2)

Backtracking a little from yesterday's post, we stopped in CaƱon City for a quick pit stop halfway through our little road trip. I took this picture while Pat gassed up the car. I absolutely love that font. Everything about this sign makes me happy! And it's hard to see in this picture, but just above the door there's some small lettering that reads "Sinton Office." Sinton Dairy is in Colorado Springs, so there's a connection to my city in this cool old building.

17 January 2018

Day trip to Salida (Part 1)

On Monday we headed to Salida so Pat could ski Monarch Mountain. Colorado Springs was cold and wet, and for most of the 100+ mile drive, things looked pretty dreary. But about three quarters of the way there, we could suddenly see blue skies and white capped mountains in the distance. I documented the transition from the passenger seat with my camera. The photo at the top of this post shows how foggy and chilly it was at the outset of our adventure. The next photo shows how the weather front abruptly ends, and the last photo shows bright blue skies. Colorado, gotta love your crazy weather!

16 January 2018

Very large birds

I don't know about you, but birds the size of Labrador retrievers make me nervous. These turkeys were wandering around in the front yard of a house south of Fountain, on a rural road. That one on the right had murder in his eyes. Cold blooded killer, I tell you.

15 January 2018


A snapshot taken yesterday on Pikes Peak Avenue, looking east from Tejon Street.